Scarlett Liriano Cepin | Editor-in-Chief

Scarlett has loved words for as long as she can remember. She's currently pursuing a degree in corporate communications with a minor in journalism. Her work is usually about anything from pop culture to the plight of women of color.

Zuzanna Zurek | Managing Editor

Zuzanna is a senior at Baruch College. She is a writer, model and graphic designer who enjoys to keep herself busy with work and going out with friends and family.

Joseph Criscione | Graphic Designer

Joey is a sophomore at Baruch College from Long Island, New York, majoring in graphic communications. He has been creating graphics since he was nine years old and continues to love learning more about graphic design. Some hobbies include astrology, music, and fashion.

Audrey Melody Cubas | Editorial Board

Audrey is an English major with a passion for reading, who loves to write a variety of genres, from literary criticism to creative fiction. Audrey is forever a nerd of all things Renaissance, with a particular bias for the works of Shakespeare.

Jordan Cymrot| Editorial Board

Jordan is a senior English literature major and journalism minor here at Baruch College. This is her first semester being a part of the Refract team, and she's looking forward to all of the pieces we'll publish in the future!

Tiquan Ewell| Editorial Board

Tiquan Ewell (Tre) is a junior, working on his bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in psychology. His interests include, writing poetry, laughing, and cooking.

Cedeem Gumbs | Editorial Board

Cedeem is currently a junior at Baruch College with an interest in English, political science, and the field of publishing. He enjoys writing about popular culture and music.

Reem Hassan| Editorial Board

Reem is a junior at Baruch College. In her free time, she likes to write romance and historical fiction and poetry.

Maria Jacome| Editorial Board

Maria is currently in her junior year at Baruch. She is double majoring in English literature and psychology. She enjoys watching horror movies, swimming, and decorating cakes.

Christian Lewis | Editorial Board

Christian loves to tell stories, whether it’s fiction, reporting on a local event, or the weather. He believes everything has meaning in it, and he enjoys narrating these things.

Abby Spinelli | Editorial Board

Abby is a senior double majoring in corporate communications and English, with a passion for the arts. She currently works in social media and marketing and is looking to pursue a career in the communications field. However, reading and writing are some of the most important parts of her life, which is why she's so excited to be part of the team.

Filip Tabak | Editorial Board

Filip is a senior English major with a passion for storytelling. He loves to write poetry, fiction and fantasy. As long as he’s telling a story in any form though, he’s having fun!