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Who we are

Refract Magazine is a digital, non-fiction literary publication, focusing on contemporary issues within the arts, sciences, politics, culture, and literature. We seek to mobilize interest and support within Baruch College regarding current issues in our daily lives as well as the importance of being engaged in the news, local events, and communities. RefractMag is entirely student managed, and aims to showcase the written work of Baruch’s student body.

Information regarding submissions can be found here.

The Refract Manifesto

To refract is to deflect a ray of light through a prism at a certain angle. More specifically – and abstractly – refract in Latin roughly translates to “breaking open.”

Breaking as a process, as an action, is often seen as a destructive process. Destruction is something that naturally sounds evil or wrong; something to avoid, to conserve our ideas and principles.

In a way, we as humans are instinctively inclined to think and act in a preservative way, oftentimes compromising our morals and personal codas in the name of preventing the “breakdown.”

And yet, the process of breaking things down is also a fundamentally constructive exercise. Throughout humankind’s history, it has been necessary for many institutions and ideologies to be overthrown in order for politically, morally, and socially progressive alternatives to come to pass.

The goal of Refract Magazine, simply, is to break down what makes up society – not merely stating facts, but analyzing why these facts are facts; why things are the way they are, in art, in politics, and in society. To stand out, this magazine strives to be provocative, if not radical in its ideas, content, and perspectives.

We students represent the next generation of intellectual movements and cultural transformation. Bearing this in mind, we will always make a conscious effort to avoid mere regurgitation of mainstream publications and fulfill our role as fresh voices in the rhetorical jungle with refreshing candor and open expression of new perspectives.